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Who we are


Anna Litten is the Technology Education Coordinator at the Wellesley Free Library.  Anna has been an enthusiastic teaching librarian for many years, first in academic and now in public libraries. She is passionate about the evolving role of libraries and loves mentoring an coaching teaching librarians.

Theresa Maturevich is the Head of Reference at the Bedford Free Public Library. She teaches one-on-one technology instruction sessions, manages adult programming and several social media accounts, and loves to hear what other libraries are doing to continually improve their service to their communities.

Sharani Robins is an Information Services Librarian at the Dartmouth Public Libraries in Dartmouth, MA.  She works the Reference Desk, teaches computer classes for beginners, offers eReader drop-in help and manages the library WordPress site and social media accounts.

Michael Wick is the Senior Reference Librarian at the Peabody Institute Library in Peabody, MA.  Michael’s professional interests focus on technology education, customer service, building business community relationships, and outside-of-the-box programming.

Jason Homer is a Reference Librarian at the Wellesley Free Library in Wellesley, MA. He has teaching experience in both academic and public libraries and is always looking for new ways to improve as a teacher.

*New addition, July 2014* Jenny Arch is an Adult Services (Reference) Librarian at the Robbins Library in Arlington, MA. She has experience teaching one-on-one and group classes, and has developed many handouts and blog posts for getting e-resources from the library.


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